Workshop Preparation Guide for CheMS 2008

One of our aims for this Symposium is to avoid hour after hour of boring presentations. Instead, we hope to fill the time with engaging and dynamic face-to-face discussions.

To make this happen, we are asking the leads of each workshop to solicit abstracts and then papers from participants. These contributions will be posted online before the Symposium begins and will become the Web Sessions that will allow all participants to get familiar with each other and help prepare for the discussions during the meeting. The contributions to Web Sessions will become the Symposium Proceedings, which will be available as an on-line publication during and after the event.

The general timeline for making this happen is as follows:





Breaking the Process Down, Step by Step

These steps are further elaborated upon as follows:

Form a group...

December 2007

Lead convener invites others to participate in their workshop as both authors and reviewers. Authors will compose abstracts and/or papers, while reviewers will provide feedback on these writing endeavors.

Both authors and reviewers must sign up on WCMT, the web conference management tool we will be using. Detailed instructions will be forthcoming.

It is up to each group to decide how many participants to invite. Groups with large interest may be considered for half- or full-day sessions, while groups with smaller interest may be combined with similar workshops.

...submit abstracts...

January 2008

Abstracts of proposed paper topics are submitted and reviewed by those participating in that workshop.

These abstracts will be submitted via WCMT and will be available for each workshop team to review. The aim is to generate paper topics from the submitted abstracts.

The target due date for abstract submission is the end of January, 2008.

Authors of approved abstracts should be notified by early February, 2008.

...compose papers...

February 2008

Upon approval, abstract topics are turned into papers. The review process continues.

The target due date for paper submission is March, 2008.

Submitted papers will be continued to be reviewed by reviewers and the session organizers.

...form Web Sessions.

March & April 2008

Upon completion, papers are submitted via WCMT. The organizers of CheMS 2008 will then create Web Sessions from these papers that will be available online by April 1, 2008.

Workshop convenors will then draft a position paper that will explore the major topics and issues of interest. The position paper will be posted on a wiki for further improvement, culminating at the face-to-face discussion in May.

After the meeting

The position papers will be finalized on the wiki. The goal is to have them published in a special issue or an edited book.

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CheMS Timeline Summary

For quick reference, here is a summary of the timeline, including all target due dates:

December 2007

  • Lead Conveners are registered on WCMT as Session Organizers
  • Session organizers invite others to participate in their workshop
  • Interested parties sign up as authors on WCMT

January 2008

  • Authors submit abstracts
  • Abstracts are reviewed by workshop organizers

February & March, 2008

  • Notification sent to authors
  • Full papers are written and submitted to web sessions
  • Papers are reviewed by reviewers & session organizer

April & May

  • Notification of acceptance sent out by April 1.
  • Web sessions posted online after April 1, 2008.

After the Workshop

  • Continue to finalize the position papers on the wiki
  • Publish the papers in a special journal edition or an edited book

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WCMT: Web Conference Management Tool

For this Symposium, we will be handling registration and abstract/paper submission with a tool called WCMT. This tool has been used in the past with great success in managing registration and collaboration efforts.

A more detailed guide to describe the process of registration and paper submission will be made available shortly. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, please do not hestiate to contact Dave or Alexey if you have any questions.

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