The following workshops will be taking place during CheMS. Click on a title for more information:

W1: Chesapeake Bay and Climate Change
W2: Comparing, Contrasting, and Integrating Statistical and Non-Statistical (i.e. Mechanistic) Approaches Towards Spatial Interpolation
W3: TMDL-related Watershed Modeling
W4: Ecological and Ecosystem Models for Ecosystem-based Management in the Chesapeake
W5: Models and Data: what do modelers need from the monitoring community and what they can offer in return
W6: Coupling Land Change with Water Quality Models
W7: Comparing Models of Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed
W8: Community modeling, and data and model interoperability
W9: The Next Step: Operational Modeling

Cancelled Workshops

i: Groundwater Modeling in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
ii: CADRe: Computer Assisted Dispute Resolution Approach to Water Resources Management
iii: Lost in Translation: Communicating Model Results to User Communities
iv: Ecological Economics of the Bay: what are the models and are we prepared?
v: Exceptional Atmospheric and Hydrodynamic Processes and Events: Observations, Models, Forecasts, Response and Communication

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